Redolent of the Orient … “the most valuable perfume in the world”

Headquaters: Seeb, Muskat, Sultanate of Oman
Current perfumes: Amouage, Ubar

If you want one of the real perfumes of Arabia, this is it. It was launched by a young Omani businessman, Sayyid Badr al Hamood, who wanted to revive Arabia’s ancient association with luxurious fragrances. He enlisted the help of one of France’s leading perfumers, Guy Robert, the “nose” for classics such as Madame Rochas, Dioressence, and Gucci No. 1, and asked for a perfume of Western style but redolent of the Orient, including sensuous Arabian ingredients like frankincense and myrrh.
The spectacular result was Amouage (pronounced “amwaaj”), which in Arabic signifies ‘‘waves of emotion.” Called “the most valuable perfume in the world,” it has over 120 natural ingredients and is contained in a range of expensive flacons of Islamic design, some in gilded silver and crystal. Since 1984 it has been selling widely in duty-free and the more prestigious stores. In 1995 the company followed up its success with a high-quality chypre perfume called Ubar, the name of a legendary Arabian city.

CREATOR Guy Robert
CATEGORY floral oriental
FLACON Brosse and others

TOP jasmine, rose, tuberose, orris, peach
MIDDLE patchouli, labdanum, myrrh,frankincense, sandalwood, ylang-ylang
LOWER musk, civet, ambergris


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